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            Workspace Solutions

            Designed for Real People

            We are one of Britain’s leading office furniture designers and manufacturers, who are passionate about innovation and excellence as well as our furniture.

            Based in the heart of the Chiltern Hills and established in 1912, Verco has grown on the same site and now occupies over 50,000 square metres of covered production space.

            Read more about us.

            Bjorn and Benny

            With a simplicity of form and a restrained appearance Bjorn and Benny provide a sophisticated solution for informal meeting, waiting or workplaces.

            Price Increase Announcement

            Interim Price adjustment 2021


            Proud to announce?that?Stax60?won the 2019?Best of NeoCon Gold Awa


            How to make the workplace safe for individuals and open for work.

            Brix 61 solo work booth

            The ideal solo workplace or comfy relaxation spot.

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