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            Jensen Study

            designed by Studio Verco

            Creating a new workspace for the agile working environment, the jensen-study provides a new way of working for more focused individual working in ‘break-out’ spaces. Based on the popular jensen range, and using two single armchairs in combination with a shared table, the jensen-study provides an ideal ‘hot desk’ away from the workstation and a more informal, but connected working environment.
            The attention to detail is apparent in the crisp upholstery and the beautifully sculptured table with a solid wood edge profile, while a simple, but elegant screen provides a degree of privacy when required.

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            Jensen Study JST 11

            Maple MFC table
            Oak MFC table
            Natural walnut MFC table
            beech MFC table
            Ice white MFC table
            Dove grey MFC table
            White Laminate
            Ice white Laminate table
            Black nano tech table
            White nano tech table

            Standard two tone upholstery

            In / out two tone upholstery

            No buttons

            Fully webbed seat upholstery

            White feet

            Wooden feet

            Wooden leg on table

            Consideration has been given, at the design stage, to minimise the environmental impact of the chair. The upholstery can be removed and replaced, both to prolong the life and to reduce the environmental impact.